King Bed Headboards

Do you want to give a conventional look and attitude to your room? A high king headboard can be the beginning of a new bedroom design or a cost-effective means to promote your recent layout. Go conventional with a wooden headboard or examine a popular glance on our upholstered headboards.

UAE Upholstery offered king headboards formulated explicitly for your beds and best for interior design. Our headboard is made of high-quality substances with a span specially constructed for your room beds, formulated to resist the difficult petition of bed frames. We have many components, including wood and metal, as well as polishing choices. To make your room’s atmosphere great, blend, and match.

King headboards are made to provide you with that huge foyer look. The height of the king’s headboards is contemplated to be very much like that of an imperial staircase. So we are furnishing the best king headboards that are normally made from wood, which enhances that elegant feel to the all-around look of the room. We are transmitting many numerous styles of king headboards that you can select from. You can opt for the elegant style that has arms and ornamental legs for your bedroom furnishings, or for the new style that does not have those reasonable forms.


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We at UAE Upholstery provide king-size headboards that can compel a room to seem more luxurious, without making it so garish. It is favorable for any niche where there is a necessity for dignity and being very fashionable, and it is a tremendous choice to go for, particularly for your rooms. Not only that, but they are also accessible. There’s a variety of alternatives accessible for you, encompassing upholstered headboards and wooden bed headboard choices.

We have one of the most substantial choices of fabric upholstery relative to headboards, the tubed bed headboard consultant. We have produced headboards in every size, comprising the single, twin, king, and super king, plus small, twin, largish king, and many additional in preferred sizes.

Types of King Headboards

King Headboards

Selecting your headboard is simpler than selecting your bed frame because this is your bedroom’s most well-known part. There are various designs, and they are adequately fitted to selecting a particular type of room.

  • King size wooden headboards:
  • King-size metal headboards
  • King size upholstered headboard

We have a broad variety of quality king headboards at highly satisfactory prices. Customers enjoy exclusive discounts on sales, customer pricing and all our furnishings with export warrants.

Why choose king headboards from us?

UAE Upholsters provides king-size headboards that give an emotional, vintage feeling to your bedroom. Select one for a just huger design statement with detailed perimeters. This headboard style glances outstanding in old homes because of the traditional and hexagonal shape.

More plain tied headboards are also usable and made of woven cloth. These are acceptable for extra or minimally decorated rooms. King-size faux leather headboards can also furnish an elegant but valuable look to add to any single bedroom.

There are a ton of layouts in every room if you expect to alter your bed style soon but want a king-size headboard in place in the meantime. If you have any additional problems or would like some guidance about the king headboard, you can contact our team. You also can call to request the headboard.