Double Headboards

Double headboards for a double bed can distinguish between a decent bedroom and an enormous bedroom. Still of your inclination, an outstanding double headboard to match. Just remember to make sure that your choice suits the area you want. 

Here in UAE Upholstery, we offer double headboards by which you can also transmit comfortable seating for those lazy Sunday mornings when you appreciate breakfast in bed, as well as double headboards expanding refinement to your bedroom.

You might only swap the headboard for the entire bedroom if you needed to refurbish your bedroom. Again, there is no explanation for this — it may not be adequate for one sense. The most crucial thing is to get out of your double headboards what you need most. You will then be apt to infer which manner best suits your sense once you have understood this.

We choose the most affluent textures if you rest in a bed with brass. We imply a Double Headboard in material for outstanding solace. Usually, the substance and the rack are padded. It makes them far more relaxed than choices of wood or metal. You can choose various materials like imitation leather, so you don’t think you are stylistically restricted. We stock numerous colors, whether you need a gray headboard, a cream headboard, or a beige in our faux-leather range. You need to take the rest of your interior decor into account when choosing a reasonable model. Are you peeking for clean and new double headboards in your room? We are here to provide you with a decent option for your bed solace.


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Types of Double headboards

  • Wooden: Our Wooden double headboards in UAE Upholstery will make a calm and comfortable atmosphere for your bed. Speculation of long cells and night-time warmth is the necessity for your solace. We crank in mind that you can also select wood painted so that you can suit faultlessly to your interior.
Double Headboards
  • Metal: You can’t do anything more adequately than a double metal headboard with a subtle touch of charm. We mix in well with an ornate and gorgeous principle but can also give the new, streamlined décor a little bit of dignity.
  • Faux Leather: A fake leather headboard prepared to formulate a real statement and improve amenity gives your room centerpiece an understanding of splendor. They are eye-catching and delicate for master suites.
  • Fabric upholstered: If a regional color strategy is in the psyche, your best option would usually be a material upholstered headboard. It arrives in various hues and suits a broad variety of tastes, whether classical or modern, modest or vivid. This is because the intentions are numerous.
  • Adjustable: You may need to contemplate a flexible headboard if you’re going to skim a book or watch TV before plummeting asleep. A flexible headboard facilitates the most prosperous sitting position to loosen back pain. Many of our flexible headboards are also assembled for relaxed solace with extra padding.

Why choose Double Headboards from UAE Upholstery?

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