Furniture Upholstery Service

Bring home a fresh palette of Upholstery to revamp your home’s furniture such as sofas, lounge chairs, armchairs, rocking chairs, ottomans, and recliners. With our extensive collection of printed, woven, and textured upholstery fabrics, get the perfect look to your old furniture and purchase a new softness and comfort for your furniture which can coordinate your space with embellishments. These chair fabrics, as well as sofa fabrics, are incredible for your home & office refresh – give your abode an artistic yet sophisticated mood & vibe.

Furniture upholstery refers to the process of adding cushioning, padding, and making your furniture extra soft and comfortable also, giving it a vibrant and brand new look by adding different fabric colour and patterns.

The Advantages of furniture upholstery

 Increase Comfort

The comfort element is crucial. An upholstered sofa or chair is probably better than a wooden sofa, especially if you intend to sit down on it for more than five minutes. This goes without saying almost. Upholstery furniture is essential if you want to watch TV, read, or sit back and converse before going to sleep or when you first get up. This extra cushion prevents you from having those extra pillows.


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Provide softness

Softness is one. Any room gets a beautiful visual softness boost from upholstery. The padded fabric, whether it’s on your bed or your sofa, exudes a warm and inviting vibe that virtually begs you to curl up.

Furniture Upholstery

Enhanced Shape and variety 

Your upholstered furniture can take on many various looks to fit your style, whether you’re shopping for the focal point of your space bigger pieces like a sofa or bed or exploring accent furnishings including ottomans, chairs, benches, or room dividers. From the minimalist, organic vibes of mid-century modern to the layered maximalism more-is-more effect, and everything in between Bohemian? You bet! Traditionalist? Of course. There are countless possibilities for upholstery that matches your taste.


 This is the most enjoyable part. Without fabric, upholstery wouldn’t be what it is. In addition to selecting a material such as velvet, linen, a printed cotton, silk, suede, etc. – see more on that below, you may also, if you’d like, add a pattern to the mix. With a large-scale botanical try a Banana Palm or a playful animal print hello, leopard sofa, we’re always supporters of being daring, but if you’re experimenting, we adore a small-scale pattern that could even pass for a neutral (any ticking stripe). We share your passions.

It gives a stylish look: 

Most of the outdated furniture spoils the home’s look and degrades its aesthetics. Furniture upholstery helps, and it does not just increase the comfort level but also makes your furniture look beautiful and stylish and changes the overall look of the home

Why choose us?

You will get the greatest furniture upholstery assistance from UAE Upholstery. We offer the highest caliber of service to our clients, and we pay great attention to their needs. Choose from our selection of upholstered beds, sofas and more for comfort and seamless décor and to give the home an enriched appearance. These are made of top-notch materials and enable you to instantly transform your environment into something straightforward, contemporary, and elegant.